Terms and Conditions. 

Finca El Bosque Spain. 

At Finca el Bosque, we want to make booking your holiday with us as painless as possible, we also want your stay to be totally carefree, but we do need some rules! Please ensure to read our terms and conditions before you come to stay with us. 

Know the property: The accommodation is made up of two separate houses/apartments located on the same plot, at different levels. The caretaker/managers live in a third house on the same estate. However, the use of the pool and Jacuzzi is exclusive to guests, the manager will try very hard not to intrude upon you during the stay, but are there to help if you need them.

Payment: A deposit of 10% of the total booking fee is required to make the booking. This deposit is strictly non-refundable, however, in the case of the need to postpone your holiday, then we are happy to transfer your deposit to cover a new booking on another available date. The balance can be paid to us in cash to the manager, on your arrival at the property, or via bank transfer to arrive in our bank account at least 7 days before the booking is due to start. If payment is not made, then you will not gain access to the property. 

Damages Deposit: A fee of 150 Euros, per apartment, must be paid along with the rental fee, this is to cover any accidental damages, or the loss of our gate remote control, or keys. Normally this is returned to you in full on your departure provided there are no damages/losses to consider. Gate remotes cost us 50 euros to replace, so please try not to lose them! In the case of cash payment, the deposit can be returned directly to you on the day of departure, if you prefer to pay by transfer, it would be transferred back to you within 7 working days of your departure. 

Guest Numbers: Please ensure to declare the exact number of guests including children/babies that will be staying at each apartment when you book with us, or 7 days before your stay commences. We may need to reject guests that have not been registered with us, or that exceed the capacity of our accommodations. Friends and relatives are not allowed to spend the night in the accommodation or on the grounds of the property unless they were part of the group originally booked in to stay. 

Documents: Like all hotels and guesthouses in Spain the police require us to register our guests, we will need a copy your passports/ID this may be requested by email before you check into our property. 

Friends and family not booked in to stay with Finca el Bosque can attend an event day or celebration on the grounds of Finca el Bosque, or join friends around the pool, or drink at our bar, but ONLY by pre-arrangement with the manager/owner of the estate. 

The meeting point: On arrival, you will meet one of the managers at the Finca, you will be provided with keys to your accommodation and an electronic remote control for the main gates, after that you can come and go as you please, but please respect the neighbours and animals by keeping the noise to a minimum after midnight!

During your stay: 

The pool and Jacuzzi are located between the two houses for rent, glassware is strictly prohibited around the swimming pool, we provide non-breakable glasses for around the pool. This is for the safety of our guests, glass is a serious hazard if it gets in the pool, and often the only way to ensure its removal is to drain the pool, so we are very strict regarding this policy! 

Smoking is prohibited inside the apartments, however, you may smoke outside in the garden or on the terraces but please use the sand-filled ashtrays that we provide, the Finca is in a protected area to prevent fires. At certain times of the year BBQs and outdoor cooking are also prohibited for the same reason. Please do not flick cigarette butts into the grounds or surrounding countryside, this is a  major fire risk and can result in large fines here in Spain. 

Electrical power in rural Spain is not always as reliable as the town supplies, we cannot be held responsible for any power cuts that may occur during your stay, although in general, it's not that frequent. Our electrical system can also be overloaded, if it does it will trip and require resetting. To avoid this we have a protocol to follow which helps to save power, without spoiling your experience.

Pets: Pets are NOT allowed at Finca el Bosque because we have our own animals, such as dogs, chickens, geese, and turkeys on the Estate, along with the local wildlife to consider! However, it's still a nice place for animal lovers. 

Noise: Please respect our neighbours, animals and wildlife by keeping noise to a minimum after midnight.

Events at our Finca: If you wish to host a celebration or other event at Finca el Bosque, this must be pre-arranged with us in advance. We charge an event fee, which is calculated on an individual basis, depending on the complexity/size of the event, please contact us with your requirements for more details. In any case, the maximum capacity for an event at Finca el Bosque is 50 people. 

Personal Injury/Loss: Finca el Bosque takes no liability for any personal injury or loss that may be encountered during your stay with us. Please ensure you have taken out adequate travel insurance for your stay with us! If you are travelling from the UK or a country outside of the EU, this becomes even more important, as even basic medical attention can be very costly without it! 

If you would like more detailed information about our terms and conditions, or if there is anything you do not understand, please contact us using the link below, or call us on Spain: +34 619 646 185

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